At Genesis you will get a fully customised suite of software, methodology and services that integrates data management, analysis and well planning in one package – saving you time and money while helping you in managing risk, improving predictability and allowing for quicker more cost effective decision making. Our services are flexible and suited to any level of engagement. They are equally effective whether you’re planning to drill a single well or predicting an entire drilling campaign.

The services are designed for use throughout the entire development process – from well planning to operational implementation; from importing well drilling data to historical data analysis; from scenario planning to evaluating time comparisons between the planned well and the actual well; from building up your knowledge base to benchmarking.

Genesis will help you achieve business efficiency by giving you the benefit of:

  • A strong planning process focused on time and cost
  • Daily follow-up operations
  • Improving timing to logistics resources as drilling occurs
  • Acquiring, storing and using Lessons Learnt within the planning context
  • Built-in analytics and easy to use customizable cross-plots.

Drilling Engineers

Drilling engineers use Genesis to accurately plan new wells based on historical performance and the analysis of problems encountered in historical wells, while at the same time learning from them, In addition, the accurate daily follow-up using actual data from the drilling site (whatever program is used to collect this data) plays a critical role in helping engineers to understand the performance of each operation and the relative risk of successful intervention.

Financial Planners and Project Managers

Financial Planners and Project Managers use Genesis to calculate risks, estimate the cost of a planned new well or an entire well campaign, manage the budget while the wells are drilled and check performance against predictions.



Our 4 step implementation process is focused on identifying your specific requirements and implementing solutions that will give you exactly what you need.
1. Engagement

  • Contact us to discuss your company’s requirements
  • Tell us whether you require in-house or outsourced implementation
  • Assign a senior manager at your company to assess the bottom line value

2. Provide access to relevant data

  • Your company to define and provide Genesis with historical data
  • Genesis will implement quality control protocols
  • Genesis will establish an uniform coding system
3. Data Analysis

  • Normalisation
  • Statistical calculations
  • Monte Carlo simulations

4. Reporting Results

  • Operations Follow-up
  • KPIs
  • Planning time and cost for new interventions
  • Specific results will vary depending on the products used