2017 and beyond will see the Internet of Things play an increasingly important role in Mining, Oil & Gas. Genesis Petroleum is proud to have been a key sponsor of DeepSensor, a conference where we helped bring together experts, producers and suppliers to share insights into the continuing deployment of IoT in these crucial industries.

Two weeks ago we helped launch the inaugural event as part of the World Wide Web Conference and Perth’s Festival of the Web. We’re proud to say it was a huge success, with some of the industry’s top minds coming together to talk, learn and network at the only conference showcasing IoT in Mining, Oil & Gas.

It was an amazing couple of days having so many industry leaders and innovators in one room sharing their experiences, answering questions and offering their insights into what’s next. Without a doubt Perth, and Australia, will continue to play an important role in how the ‘next industrial revolution’ plays out.

All of us at Genesis Petroleum Technologies are excited to be in the midst of this fast paced movement, and we look forward to supporting DeepSensor and related initiatives in the future.

Check out www.deepsensor.com.au for more information on DeepSensor and this year’s speakers.