This book is the result of accumulated experience and innovation. As someone from an IT background who has worked on data management in drilling for over 15 years, I have tried to summarize some personal insights gained by interacting with scientists, business people, engineers, and managers, on my long road to understanding drilling processes.

The book dealt with the dual world interpretation of the“real” world and the digital world. The gap between those two is narrowing as we gain more computing power to run more complete models and with more sensors to collect more data.All of this provides an excellent view of what used to be a “guesstimation”.



Digital Taylorism

What’s old is new in today’s workplace revolution. A historical perspective on the era of data-driven work flows and process improvement in Oil & Gas. Modern day process improvement has its roots in the early days of the Industrial Revolution, an era where the…

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A Case for Probabilistic AFE in Drilling

The current downturn in Oil & Gas serves as an important reminder that things are always changing in our industry. Things are never static. As engineering marvels are achieved out in the field market conditions are changing back home by the hour, inevitably...

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Introduction to Drilling

Drilling for Oil & Gas is a complex process. The videos and presentations featured here provide a basic overview of the drilling process, the operations that take place on a drilling rig and more.

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Introduction to Statistics

Featured here is a series of introductory resources for students and professionals getting started with statistics. Topics covered include Normal Distributions, Log-Normal Distributions and Mean, Median & Mode.

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Data Management References

Sharing data between operators, service companies and other businesses in the Oil & Gas industry can be a complex task. Learn from the organisations that are establishing common standards and best practices.

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