1. The Drilling Process

Drilling for oil and gas is a complex process. The videos below provide basic knowledge of the drilling process. Before drilling, the site must be carefully chosen. Then the land is prepared and access roads should also be built. A reserve pit must also be dug on the ground for the disposing of mud and rock. The next step is arranging the rig equipment. When the rig is complete set up, workers can begin the drilling operation.

2. Drilling Rig Tour

These videos show actual drilling rigs and some of the typical operations that take place.

3. Connections on a Drilling Rig

These videos show the process of making drill pipe connections.

4. SEDCO 711 Semi-submersible Drilling Rig

SEDCO 711 can operate in water depths up to 1,800 feet. This video shows an offshore drilling program highlighting the underwater drilling operation from March to October 2007.

5. Drilling Operations and Components

This is a presentation providing an overview of drilling operations and its components. Although it is quite long, it covers many important topics such as drilling technology, drilling history, seismic exploration and logging.

6. Hydraulic Fracturing

This video shows the process of drilling and hydraulic fracturing of a shale gas well.